Rooted Table

A marketplace for cultural, homecooked meal experiences

Rooted Table is about feeding people love. We're on a mission to bring people together around a universal love language: sharing stories around a homecooked meal.

We take our homes and neighborhoods in the USA for granted. In the heart of our cities, we have a variety of communities, ethnicities, and cultures that are looking to have a voice - an outlet to share their identity and customs. Sharing food, stories, and homes are ways humans have been sharing a part of themselves since the beginning of time.

We envision immigrant families, refugees, and underrepresented groups creating economic opportunity for themselves by doing what they do best - cooking homecooked meals for the people they love. We envision a world where we can break down cultural barriers between people by creating a marketplace for people to break bread in the home.

Photo: Rachel Vanni/Tasting Table

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